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Mohamed Boutjdir, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine

PhD from University of Paris

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from medical subject headings from PubMed.
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De Jonge, M V; Boutjdir, M; El Korchi, T; Torres, H; Karpur, A; Shih, A; El Idrissi, A

Autism. 2023 Feb 17; 13623613221150086

Ilonze, Onyedika J; Avorgbedor, Forgive; Diallo, Ana; Boutjdir, Mohamed

Journal of the National Medical Association. 2022 Dec; 114(6):569-577

De Serres-Bérard, Thiéry; Ait Benichou, Siham; Jauvin, Dominic; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Puymirat, Jack; Chahine, Mohamed

International journal of molecular sciences. 2022 Nov 01; 23(21):

Ramos, S Raquel; Fraser, Marilyn; Araya, Faven; Kim, Hyun Young; Parrilla, Jon Andre Sabio; Sy, Kalla Maxine; Nagpal, Riya Tongson; Camacho-Rivera, Marlene; Boutjdir, Mohamed

JMIR research protocols. 2022 Oct 11; 11(10):e41602

Ait Benichou, Siham; Jauvin, Dominic; De Serres-Bérard, Thiéry; Bennett, Frank; Rigo, Frank; Gourdon, Genevieve; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Chahine, Mohamed; Puymirat, Jack

Human gene therapy. 2022 Aug; 33(15-16):810-820

Lazzerini, Pietro Enea; Laghi-Pasini, Franco; Boutjdir, Mohamed; Capecchi, Pier Leopoldo

Nature reviews. Immunology. 2022 May; 22(5):270-272

Chahine, Mohamed; Fontaine, John M; Boutjdir, Mohamed

Journal of the American Heart Association. 2022 Mar 04; e023446