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Nicole M. Contaxis

Nicole M. Contaxis

Assistant Curator, Medical Library

Head, Data Sharing and Metadata Management

Yee, Michelle; Surkis, Alisa; Lamb, Ian; Contaxis, Nicole

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2023 Sep 25; 30(10):1693-1700

Gonzales, Sara; Champieux, Robin; Contaxis, Nicole; Denton, Andrea H; Hosseini, Mohammad; Surkis, Alisa; Wescott, Annie; Holmes, Kristi

Journal of clinical & translational science. 2023 Jul; 7(1):e147

Surkis, Alisa; LaPolla, Fred Willie Zametkin; Contaxis, Nicole; Read, Kevin B

Journal of the Medical Library Association. 2017 Apr; 105(2):185-191