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Rajesh Vedanthan

Rajesh Vedanthan, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

global health, cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases, implementation research, capacity building

I am passionate about my career goal of working towards the improvement of global cardiovascular health with particular focus on low-resource settings. I am working towards this goal through a combination of clinical service, academic research, training, and advocacy. I am a clinician and cardiologist dedicated to building capacity to improve delivery of cardiovascular care in low-resource settings.

I am also actively building an implementation research portfolio to help optimize cardiovascular care delivery in low-resource settings, with lessons that are both locally and globally applicable.  I am actively working on several global cardiology implementation research projects in low-resource settings worldwide.

In addition to my research and clinical activities, I am deeply committed to capacity building in both the clinical and research arenas. Over the past decade, I have mentored several dozen trainees, leading to several abstracts, publications, and research awards. 

I have been recognized for this work by several domestic and international organizations, including the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health, and the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. I am an editorial board member of several cardiovascular and global health journals.


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Associate Professor, Department of Population Health

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Director, Section for Global Health

MD from University of California

MPH from University of California at Berkeley

Fellowship, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Cardiology

Residency, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Medicine

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