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Ralf Duerr

Ralf Duerr, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

HIV Diversity and Associated Adaptive and Innate Immune Responses, Protective Antibody Immune Responses in Natural Infection, Mechanisms of Antiretroviral Drug Resistance, Superinfection and Epidemiologically-linked HIV Infection, HIV Recombinant Forms and Emerging Strains, HIV Infection in West and Central Africa, Pathogenic CXCR4-tropic HIV-1

The focus of my laboratory is on genetic and functional aspects of HIV-1 diversity and antiviral immune responses against diverse HIV infections. We are characterizing newly emerging HIV strains and recombinant forms, protective antibody immune responses in natural HIV infection, and mechanisms of antiretroviral drug resistance in HIV-1 Non-B clades.

Our work is based on cohorts of HIV-positive individuals in the West and Central African region, the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, where the broadest variety of HIV strains exists. My colleagues and I are managing a cohort of HIV-1 infected individuals in Cameroon. We are investigating viral diversity and associated immune profiles of circulating HIV strains, including emerging HIV subtypes and intersubtype recombinants.

Our work involves extensive genotypic and phylogenetic studies, including HIV-1 whole-genome sequencing, to determine genotype-phenotype associations in conjunction with longitudinal antibody immune response patterns. Furthermore, we study cases of superinfection and epidemiologically-linked infection. They provide unique opportunities to investigate the elicitation of protective immune responses after sequential HIV challenges in the human body or genetically similar HIV infections between hosts, respectively. Through these studies, we aim to obtain a deeper understanding of antiviral immune responses and to gain valuable knowledge for HIV vaccine design. We are also engaged in unraveling mechanisms of drug-resistance mutations in diverse HIV-1 clades and the characterization of pathogenic CXCR4-tropic HIV-1.

Our group is committed to scientific discovery and supports the training of doctoral fellows and visiting students from the U.S. and abroad in HIV research, including African students, through participation in international research training programs.





Academic office

c/o VA Medical Center, 423 East 23rd Street

6th Floor, Room 6006W

New York City, NY 10010

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Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

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