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Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry


I serve as the Mental Health Director of the World Trade Center Environmental Health Center, a Clinical Center of Excellence in the treatment of WTC related injuries.  Our program, which serves the survivor population, is located at 3 sites including Bellevue Hospital Center, Elmhurst Hospital and Gouverneur Hospital. I am also a clinical psychologist and treat patients in the program. 

I have an abiding interest in the WTC survivors’ highly interrelated medical and mental health challenges – challenges faced by patients worldwide who are victims of terrorist violence.  Understanding PTSD, anxiety, and depression in the context of comorbid chronic medical conditions in the WTC survivor population has been the focus of my research as well, with the hope that greater understanding of this complex interaction will lead to ever-more effective ways to treat patients.

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Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

PhD from The New School for Social Research

Fellowship, Weill Cornell, Payne Whitney

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