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Samrachana Adhikari

Samrachana Adhikari, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

social network analysis, causal inference, predictive modeling

I am an assistant professor in the Division of Biostatistics, Department of Population Health at NYU School of Medicine.

My methodological background is in Bayesian statistics, with particular focus on latent variable modeling. I am interested in statistical social network analysis, causal inference and predictive machine-learning methods using electronic health records. In terms of collaborative research, my work has focused on public health, Alzheimer’s disease, education policy, cardiovascular medicine and more recently on mobile health.

I am also interested in developing efficient algorithms for implementing statistical models, and have co-created statistical R-packages 'HLSM' and 'CIDnetworks', both available for free in CRAN. My codes are also available in my github page: .

My methodological work is essentially motivated by application, and am always interested in learning about new areas of collaboration.


Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

PhD from Carnegie Mellon University

Harvard Medical School, Department of Healthcare Policy

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