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Samuel Neymotin, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Computational neuroscience, Computer simulation, Multiscale modeling, Machine learning, Signal processing

My primary research in computational neuroscience is aimed at developing computer models of neurons and neuronal networks including laminar models of neocortex, thalamus, and hippocampus, constrained with anatomical and electrophysiology data. I then use the models to predict the microcircuit mechanisms contributing to neural dynamics and function. Collaboration with electrophysiologists has led to development of novel analysis methods and modeling tools used to decipher the origin of the dynamic electrophysiological patterns. Our research strategy offers translational benefits for neuropsychiatric disorders where changes in dynamic activity patterns appear to be key biomarkers.

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PhD from SUNY-Downstate

Yale University School of Medicine, Neurobiology

Dura-Bernal, Salvador; Griffith, Erica Y; Barczak, Annamaria; O'Connell, Monica N; McGinnis, Tammy; Moreira, Joao V S; Schroeder, Charles E; Lytton, William W; Lakatos, Peter; Neymotin, Samuel A

Cell reports. 2023 Nov 28; 42(11):113378

Dura-Bernal, Salvador; Neymotin, Samuel A; Suter, Benjamin A; Dacre, Joshua; Moreira, Joao V S; Urdapilleta, Eugenio; Schiemann, Julia; Duguid, Ian; Shepherd, Gordon M G; Lytton, William W

Cell reports. 2023 Jun 27; 42(6):112574

Anwar, Haroon; Caby, Simon; Dura-Bernal, Salvador; D'Onofrio, David; Hasegan, Daniel; Deible, Matt; Grunblatt, Sara; Chadderdon, George L; Kerr, Cliff C; Lakatos, Peter; Lytton, William W; Hazan, Hananel; Neymotin, Samuel A

PLoS one. 2022 May; 17(5):e0265808

Neymotin, Samuel A; Tal, Idan; Barczak, Annamaria; O'Connell, Monica N; McGinnis, Tammy; Markowitz, Noah; Espinal, Elizabeth; Griffith, Erica; Anwar, Haroon; Dura-Bernal, Salvador; Schroeder, Charles E; Lytton, William W; Jones, Stephanie R; Bickel, Stephan; Lakatos, Peter

eNeuro. 2022 Jul; 9(4):

HaÅŸegan, Daniel; Deible, Matt; Earl, Christopher; D'Onofrio, David; Hazan, Hananel; Anwar, Haroon; Neymotin, Samuel A

Frontiers in computational neuroscience. 2022 Dec; 16:1017284

Bonaiuto, James J; Little, Simon; Neymotin, Samuel A; Jones, Stephanie R; Barnes, Gareth R; Bestmann, Sven

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Kelley, Craig; Dura-Bernal, Salvador; Neymotin, Samuel A; Antic, Srdjan D; Carnevale, Nicholas T; Migliore, Michele; Lytton, William W

Journal of neurophysiology. 2021 Apr 01; 125(4):1501-1516

Sherif, Mohamed A; Neymotin, Samuel A; Lytton, William W

NPJ schizophrenia. 2020 Sep 21; 6(1):25