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Sarah Horwitz, PhD

Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry



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Academic office

1 Park Avenue

Seventh Floor

New York, NY 10016

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Cervantes, Paige E; Matheis, Maya; Estabillo, Jasper; Seag, Dana E M; Nelson, Katherine L; Peth-Pierce, Robin; Hoagwood, Kimberly Eaton; Horwitz, Sarah McCue

Journal of autism & developmental disorders. 2020 Oct 10;

Fenwick, Karissa M; Palinkas, Lawrence A; Hurlburt, Michael S; Lengnick-Hall, Rebecca D; Horwitz, Sarah M; Hoagwood, Kimberly E

Administration & policy in mental health. 2020 Sep; 47(5):752-763

Horwitz, Sarah McCue; Hoagwood, Kimberly Eaton; Guo, Fei; Arnold, L Eugene; Taylor, H Gerry; Young, Andrea S; Youngstrom, Eric A; Fristad, Mary A; Birmaher, Boris; Findling, Robert L

Administration & policy in mental health. 2020 Jun 16;

Donnelly, Lauren J; Cervantes, Paige E; Okparaeke, Eugene; Stein, Cheryl R; Filton, Beryl; Kuriakose, Sarah; Havens, Jennifer; Horwitz, Sarah M

Journal of autism & developmental disorders. 2020 May 11;

Salem, Taban; Fristad, Mary A; Arnold, L Eugene; Taylor, H Gerry; Frazier, Thomas W; Horwitz, Sarah M; Findling, Robert L; Group, The Lams

Journal of affective disorders. 2020 May 01; 273:146-156

Arnold, L Eugene; Van Meter, Anna R; Fristad, Mary A; Youngstrom, Eric A; Birmaher, Boris B; Findling, Robert L; Horwitz, Sarah; Black, Sarah R

Journal of child psychology & psychiatry & allied disciplines. 2020 Feb; 61(2):175-181

Horwitz, Sarah McCue; Cervantes, Paige; Kuppinger, Anne D; Quintero, Patricia L; Burger, Susan; Lane, Heather; Bradbury, Donna; Cleek, Andrew F; Hoagwood, Kimberly Eaton

Psychiatric services. 2020 Jan 08; appips201900365

Bertocci, Michele A; Hanford, Lindsay; Manelis, Anna; Iyengar, Satish; Youngstrom, Eric A; Gill, Mary Kay; Monk, Kelly; Versace, Amelia; Bonar, Lisa; Bebko, Genna; Ladouceur, Cecile D; Perlman, Susan B; Diler, Rasim; Horwitz, Sarah M; Arnold, L Eugene; Hafeman, Danella; Travis, Michael J; Kowatch, Robert; Holland, Scott K; Fristad, Mary A; Findling, Robert L; Birmaher, Boris; Phillips, Mary L

Molecular psychiatry. 2019 Dec; 24(12):1856-1867