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Shruti Naik

Shruti Naik, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

Associate Professor, Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology

Immunology, Stem Cell Biology, Host-Microbe Interactions, Regeneration, Cancer, Development, Epithelial Biology

My laboratory studies the dynamic interactions between immune cells, epithelial cells, and microbes in barrier tissues that interface with the environment such as the skin, lungs, and gut. We navigate these complex biological systems with an interdisciplinary approach that draws from the fields immunology, microbiology, stem cell and developmental biology, and cancer biology. As such, the lab focuses on 3 major areas of research: 1) Inflammation, tissue regeneration and cancer,  2) host-microbe interactions, and 3) early in life immunity. 

Furthermore, we are able to leverage the abundant clinical resources of NYU Langone to translate our bench side findings to understand human immunity and its role in health and disease. This unique position allows us to delve deep into the biology of disease to fundamentally advance our knowledge of how the immune system works and identify the factors that cause immune reactions to go awry.  We then use this information to devise novel therapeutic strategies in a range of inflammatory epithelial conditions such as psoriasis, chronic wounds, and cancer.  



Academic office

435 East 30th St , Science Building

4th Floor, Room 414

New York , NY 10016

Lab Website
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Associate Director, Judith & StewartColton Center for Autoimmunity

PhD from University of Pennsylvania

The Rockefeller University , Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development

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