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Stephen B. Johnson, PhD

Professor, Department of Population Health

clinical research informatics, health informatics, natural language processing, sociotechnical research

My research involves designing and evaluating information systems in patient care, clinical research and basic research. The science supporting this work explores models of collaboration among biomedical professionals, in terms of specialized patterns of workflow, language use and social organization. This research applies advanced methods in information architecture, database design, and natural language processing to the biomedical domain. Important applications of this work include development of information systems to support data management, sharing and discovery, and the use of natural language processing to extract information from unstructured biomedical texts to support data analysis and decision making. The long-term goals of this research are to apply sociotechnical approaches to improve communication, collaboration and efficiency in the health domain. 



Academic office

227 East 30th Street

6, 642

New York , NY 10016

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Course Director, Seminar in Biomedical Informatics

Director, Clinical Research Informatics

Faculty Director of Datacore

PhD from New York University

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