Susan R. Schwab

Susan R. Schwab, PhD

Skirball Institute

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Immunology, Inflammation, Cancer, immunology

Our lab studies lymphocyte migration, with an emphasis on three questions: (1) What determines how long a lymphocyte stays in a given location, surveying for antigen or fighting infection, before it moves on? (2) How are the gradients that direct immune cell migration established? (3) How do the trafficking requirements of normal and leukemic T cells differ, and can these differences be targeted therapeutically?

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Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

PhD from University of California at Berkeley

Mendoza, Alejandra; Fang, Victoria; Chen, Cynthia; Serasinghe, Madhavika; Verma, Akanksha; Muller, James; Chaluvadi, V Sai; Dustin, Michael L; Hla, Timothy; Elemento, Olivier; Chipuk, Jerry E; Schwab, Susan R

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