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Taiye O. Odedosu

Taiye O. Odedosu, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine


MD from State University of New York at Stony Brook

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Schoenthaler, Antoinette; Luerassi, Leanne; Silver, Stephanie; Odedosu, Taiye; Kong, Jian; Ravenell, Joseph; Teresi, Jeanne A; Ogedegbe, Gbenga

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Shallcross, Amanda J; Ojie, Mary-Jane; Chaplin, William; Levy, Natalie; Odedosu, Taiye; Ogedegbe, Gbenga; Spruill, Tanya M

Diabetes research & clinical practice. 2015 Apr; 108(1):150-6

Grilo, Stephanie A; Shallcross, Amanda J; Ogedegbe, Gbenga; Odedosu, Taiye; Levy, Natalie; Lehrer, Susan; Chaplin, William; Spruill, Tanya M

Preventing chronic disease. 2015 Feb 12; 12:E16

Odedosu, Taiye; Schoenthaler, Antoinette; Vieira, Dorice L; Agyemang, Charles; Ogedegbe, Gbenga

Cleveland Clinic journal of medicine. 2012 Jan; 79(1):46-56

Schoenthaler, Antoinette; Luerassi, Leanne; Teresi, Jeanne A; Silver, Stephanie; Kong, Jian; Odedosu, Taiye; Trilling, Samantha; Errico, Anna; Uvwo, Oshevire; Sebek, Kimberly; Adekoya, Adetutu; Ogedegbe, Gbenga

Trials. 2011 Dec 22; 12:265