Terry Gordon

Terry Gordon, PhD

Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine

adverse effects of ambient particulate matter , genetic susceptibility of lung disease produced by environmental and occupational agents, alternative tobacco products, hookah water pipes, e-cigarettes

Genetic Susceptibility: Our research program utilizes both human and animal experimental models to study the genetic susceptibility underlying the adverse pulmonary and cardiac effects of environmental and occupational air pollutants. We perform these studies in collaboration with several investigators at NYU School of Medicine and other academic centers. One primary focus of ongoing studies is to examine the cellular, molecular, and humoral interactions which lead to pollutant-induced pulmonary injury. The most important aim of my susceptibility work examines the contribution of genetic susceptibility to the adverse effects of inhaled pollutants. We examine the role of genetic host factors in murine models of disease using both classic mouse genetic and computational genomics approaches. Ongoing and past genetic studies have examined the relative contribution of ozone, age, beryllium, hyperbaric oxygen, and nanoparticles to adverse effects. Our overall goal is to examine not only the pathways involved in the progression of pulmonary disease but also the role of endogenous mediators in the development of tolerance associated with chronic exposure to environmental and occupational agents.

Particulate Matter: Ambient PM produces significant adverse cardiopulmonary effects. Our lab examines the role of coarse, fine, and ultrafine PM both in vitro and in vivo. Over the last few years, we have collected ambient PM in several cities in the U.S., Germany, and China (the latter both during and after the 2008 Olympics). Recent research has focused on: 1) the differential toxicity of PM on the basis of particle size, season, composition, and urban/rural location; and 2) human panel studies in which cardiopulmonary endpoints are examined in patrons and workers in hookah bars in NYC and in volunteers before and after exercising along high volume roadways.













Academic office

57 Old Forge Rd.

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Tuxedo, NY 10987

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Professor, Department of Environmental Medicine

Fellowship, UC San Francisco, Cardiovascular Research Institute

PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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