Todd E. Hudson, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

PhD from Columbia University

Raynowska, Jenelle; Rizzo, John-Ross; Rucker, Janet C; Dai, Weiwei; Birkemeier, Joel; Hershowitz, Julian; Selesnick, Ivan; Balcer, Laura J; Galetta, Steven L; Hudson, Todd

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Saccade sequences and rapid number naming in chronic concussion [Meeting Abstract]

Gold, D; Dai, W; Rizzo, J -R; Hudson, T; Selesnick, I; Hasanaj, L; Balcer, L; Galetta, S; Rucker, J

Neurology. 2017 April; Conference:(69th):

Eye movement underpinnings of the mobile universal lexicon evaluation system (MULES): Computerized Analysis of rapid picture naming using EyeLink [Meeting Abstract]

Hasanaj, L; Hudson, T; Rizzo, J -R; Dai, W -W; Rucker, J; Galetta, S; Balcer, L

Neurology. 2017 April; Conference:(69th):

The validity of an eye tracker with low temporal resolution to assess eye movements during a rapid number naming task: Performance of the EyeTribe versus the EyeLink in Controls [Meeting Abstract]

Raynowska, J; Rizzo, J -R; Rucker, J; Dai, W; Birkemeier, J; Hershowitz, J; Selesnick, I; Balcer, L; Galetta, S; Hudson, T

Neurology. 2017 April; Conference:(69th):