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Zhe S. Chen

Zhe S. Chen, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

integration of computational and experimental techniques to dissect neural circuits and neural population codes, computational neuroscience, neural engineering, computational statistics, machine learning

Our current research focuses on combining multidisciplinary techniques: electrophysiology, computational and statistical modeling, and neural engineering to investigate basic and translational neuroscience questions, and to address challenging data analytic problems in neuropsychiatric clinical research.

In collaboration with experimental neuroscientists, we are working on several exciting projects: (i) learning and memory associated with hippocampal-cortical circuits. (ii) thalamocortical and cortico-thalamic circuits in working memory and executive control. (iii)  real-time brain-machine interface for pain circuits and memory circuits.



Academic office

One Park Avenue

Eighth Floor, Rm 226

New York, NY 10016

Lab Website
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Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

PhD from McMaster University

Harvard Medical School, Neuroscience Statistics Research Lab

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