Ambulatory Training

Fellows in Endocrinology and Metabolism participate actively in patient care in all three of the core clinics (one Diabetes and one Endocrine clinic per week at Bellevue Hospital, and one combined Diabetes/Endocrine clinic at the VAH per week) throughout their period of training. This policy recognizes the importance of the outpatient setting in excellent training in Endocrinology, and insures exposure to a wide variety of endocrine and metabolic problems throughout the fellowship training experience. First-year fellows also attend a fourth weekly clinic at Bellevue Hospital, during which at most 1 or 2 new patients are seen and procedures such as thyroid biopsy or endocrine testing are performed with attending supervision and support. Second-year fellows also may choose to schedule their patients' procedures during this time period rather than during busy regular clinic sessions.

During each year of the required two years of the training program, each trainee sees approximately 1,300 outpatients. Endocrine and Metabolism trainees have the primary patient care responsibility in the ambulatory clinics. They employ the appropriate consultative services and design and implement the patient care plan in conference with the clinic attending staff.