Fellowship Training: Thyroid

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Comprehensive education in all aspects of thyroid disease is a prominent feature of the division’s highly regarded Fellowship Training Program in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Trainees participate in the care of patients with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, and thyroid cancer in the ambulatory and inpatient settings at Tisch Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and the Manhattan VA Medical Center under the supervision of expert physicians and scientists.

Fellows also have ample opportunity to develop the relevant technical proficiencies, such as performance of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirations of the thyroid. This rich clinical experience is complemented by a highly interactive didactic education which includes weekly meetings with the Director of the Thyroid Unit, Dr. Manfred Blum, as well as monthly cytopathology and interdisciplinary conferences chaired by Dr. Blum, and attended by endocrinologists, pediatricians, surgeons, pathologists, cytologists, radiologists (including ultrasound and nuclear medicine specialists). Fellows will also work with Dr. Steven Hodak, who is the Associate Director for Clinical Affairs of the division, the Director of the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology, and Director of Glycemic Control at Tisch Hospital. Dr. Hodak has a special interest in genomic analysis of thyroid cancers. Additionally, Drs. Valerie Peck and Loren Greene organize The New York Thyroid Club, which meets twice a year at different hospitals.

This rigorous educational experience in thyroidology is designed to prepare trainees to successfully assume roles as clinicians, clinician-educators, or clinical and/or basic investigators.

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