Lung Cancer Research

NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center

NCI’s Early Detection Research Network has funded the NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center for the third 5-year cycle. Over 1200 study subjects with ages under 50 and less than 20 pack-years have been enrolled. Over 4000 CT-scans baseline and follow-up have followed __ 600 individuals with non-calcified nodules and >400 with emphysema. Collaborations with Biotech and other cancer centers exist on autoantibodies, protein panels using aptamers on MALFI-TDF spectrometry, methylation specific PCR, nanoarchitecture and NOC’s in exhaled breath. Bronchial brushings and sputum are obtained for gene expression, SNP and mutation studies and micoRNA targeting of lung-specific cancer pathways. We utilize transgenic mouse models to study K-sas, p53, and cell cycle genes. We are evaluation interferon-_ to reduce inflammation and carcinogenesis. We are producing adenoviral and Sindbis virus mutants that can target lung cancer and introduce toxin genes. Collaborations exist with Harvey Pass MD, Director of Thoracic Surgery, and Margaret Huflejt PhD on antibodies to glycosylated proteins and gene targets for lung cancer