Research Facility

The ERBI program is housed at the Occupational and Industrial Orthopaedic Center (OIOC) of New York University-Hospital for Joint Diseases (NYU-HJD), and is located at 63 Downing Street in New York City. The center is located within walking distance of the main campus of New York University at Washington Square. The facilities at OIOC include classroom space and the Ergonomics and Biomechanics laboratory.

The Ergonomic and Biomechanics Laboratory is used for research, education, consulting and clinical purposes and equipped with:

  • Delsys Trigno Wireless System to collect hybrid of EMG and motion data from 16 sensors. Each sensor has a built-in triaxial accelerometer and EMG signal detection, a transmission range of 40 m and a rechargeable battery lasting a minimum of 7 hours. The system is capable of streaming data to EMGworks® Acquisition and Analysis software for human performance analysis and reporting. The software integrate 16 EMG and 48 accelerometer analog channels with other 3rd party data acquisition systems and devices.
  • A Polhemus 3D LIBERTY Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Device that utilizes low-frequency magnetic field technology to determine the position and orientation of moving body segments relative to a source reference frame. The device has six degrees of freedom device and is used for motion analysis at and around the various joints of the extremities. The system has the capability of measuring seven body segments simultaneously.
  • A Delsys 16-Channel EMG System to measure and analyze electrical signals generated by muscles. This system is portable and has the potential to become a wireless. The EMG system is used in conjunction with the dynamometers and enables the investigation of recruitment patterns of muscles and the force output of the muscles during various activities.
  • The MotionMonitor software package. This package acquires and processes data from the 3D LIBERTY Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Device as well as both EMG systems. This package is capable of capturing data from any analog system that is capable of transmission through an A/D board.
  • A 2D Accelerometer Biosignal Sensor to sense static and dynamic forces used in conjunction with the Polhemus 3D LIBERTY Electromagnetic Motion Tracking Device and the Delsys 16-Channel EMG System.
  • In addition, the laboratory is equipped with various equipment and devices including force transducers,  Polar portable heart rate monitor,  sound level meter, photometer, thermo-hydrometer, thermo-anemometer, and digital video and cameras.
  • A Data Acquisition System consisting of general purpose data acquisition software, a 64-channel multifunction data acquisition board, and an additional 16-channel data acquisition board. The 64-channel system is used to collect and analyze up to 64 channels of data simultaneously at a rate of up to 3100 Hertz.
  • Also available are software packages for various applications such as the LabVIEW ,  statistical analysis software, , Matlab , 2D and 3D Static Strength software, and Energy Expenditure Prediction software.

For more information contact:

Ali Sheikhzadeh, PhD: 212-652-1934