NYU School of Medicine Pediatric Clerkship

The pediatric clerkship is a six week clinical experience designed to augment knowledge, develop skills, and promote professional growth in medicine with a specific focus on the art and science of health care delivery to infants, children, and adolescents. Clinical exposure will include direct patient care responsibilities in the outpatient and inpatient services.

Students on the pediatric clerkship will spend approximately half their time (3 weeks) on an inpatient setting and the other half (3 weeks) on an outpatient setting.

Two weeks will be spent rotating through a general pediatric inpatient unit. Inpatient pediatrics deals mainly with the provision of care to children between the ages of 0 - 18 years with acute or chronic illnesses that cannot be managed adequately in the primary care setting. This clinical experience will provide each student with an opportunity directly at the bedside to learn about the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of a broad spectrum of problems affecting infants, children and adolescents. Current site assignments include Bellevue Hospital and the various pediatric services of Tisch Hospital.

One week will be spent rotating in a low-risk nursery learning about newborn care and common problems of the newborn. Current site assignments for the nursery include Bellevue Hospital and Tisch Hospital. Students will also be assigned to several emergency room shifts during this week.

Three weeks will be spent rotating through a variety of outpatient sites including primary care clinics, subspecialty clinics, school-based health clinics, and general and subspecialty private practices. The focus will be on both preventative health care and the management of acute and chronic illness in the outpatient setting. Current clinic site assignments include Bellevue Ambulatory Care Center, Gouverneur Healthcare Services Center and a number of private practices.

All students are assigned to a faculty preceptor who meets weekly with students at the NYU-Bellevue campus in a small group setting throughout the rotation to help develop the student’s core knowledge, communication skills, and clinical reasoning. Preceptors are responsible for providing meaningful feedback and contribute significantly to the student’s final evaluation.

All students return to the home campus to attend the pediatric clerkship student conferences every Wednesday afternoon. The conferences cover a wide range of core pediatric topics and include a series of team-based learning exercises. All students will also participate in a half-day OSCE and a midday pediatric simulation exercise. Numerous opportunities for online learning are provided for students as well.

NYU Medical students can sign in to our Brightspace website for more detailed information about the pediatric clerkship, including an outline of the goals and objectives of the clerkship, site assignments and site information, schedules, course materials, evaluation guidelines and links to additional informative sites.

Cindy Osman, MS, MD
Clerkship Director

Chanda Bradshaw, MD
Associate Clerkship Director
Harris Burstin, MD
Associate Clerkship Director