Pediatric Acting Internship/Advanced Pediatric Clerkship

The Advanced Pediatric Clerkship is an intensive four week rotation for students who have successfully completed their Pediatric Clerkship.   Each student is expected to perform at the level of a pediatric intern, focusing on advanced pediatric diagnosis and management, under the supervision of their supervising resident, faculty attending and the clerkship director.  

Our goal is to enable NYU students to be uniquely prepared to excel as pediatric residents or in any other chosen field of medicine.  

Brief Outline of Advanced Pediatric Clerkship

• Location: Students will be assigned to the inpatient service at either Bellevue Hospital (8N) or at Tisch Hospital (9E).

• Mentoring: Each student will be linked to a supervising resident for their four weeks. They will also make didactic rounds with the clerkship director weekly.

• Responsibilities: Students will be responsible for the care of up to 5 patients, under the supervision of their resident.

• Schedule: Students will take call with their supervising resident.

   • Tisch: M-F 7a-5:30p plus the second Saturday 6:30a-6:30p and fourth Sunday 7a-7p.

   • Bellevue: M-F 7a-5:30p plus two Saturdays 6:30a-6:30p.

NYU Medical students can sign in to our ALEX website for more detailed information about the pediatric clerkship, including an outline of the goals and objectives of the clerkship, site assignments and site information, schedules, course materials, evaluation guidelines and links to additional informative sites.

Harris Burstin MD

Director, Advanced Pediatric Clerkship