Department of Pharmacy

NYULMC Pharmacy Department is a state-of-the-art pharmacy that is located on the 3rd floor of the Medical Center’s flagship Tisch Hos­pital. The Pharmacy Department consists of 66 pharmacists, 46 tech­nicians, and over 20 clinical and operational preceptors. It provides 24-hour pharmacy services, including dispensing of medications via Swisslog robotic technology. A USP 797-compliant, HEPA-filtered clean room utilizes the DoseEdge workflow management system to ensure the accurate preparation of IV admixtures. An automated dis­pensing device monitoring system (Pandora) is used to accurately and safely dispense narcotic medications. When physicians enter orders through EPIC, these orders are automatically interfaced. Once the or­ders are verified by the pharmacist, the corresponding medications are retrieved by the Robot and packaged into bar-coded plastic envelopes. These envelopes are then delivered to units throughout the hospital via the pneumatic tube system. Nurses administer medications using bedside bar-coded technology. The use of these new technologies will extend to pharmacists who are working in the various pharmacy sat­ellites throughout the hospital and will help them expand their role in providing direct patient care.