Research Resources

Research Resources

Our shared resources and regulatory oversight functions provide essential support for our researchers’ scientific discoveries.
Pathologist Dr. Susan Schwab Examines Petri Dish

At NYU Langone Health, our research teams are committed to improving healthcare through scientific discovery. Through our scientific cores and shared resources, we provide investigators with access to advanced research technologies and the expertise of our renowned faculty and highly trained staff. We ensure that all research and teaching complies with institutional, state, and federal safety and ethics regulations.

Scientific Cores and Shared Resources

Microplates Stored in a Lab

Clinical and Translational Science Institute

We support research to transform healthcare and improve community health.

Neurologist Dr. Koto Ishida Looks at Brain Scans with Colleagues

Division of Comparative Medicine

We provide animal care and support for NYU Langone scientists.

Pencil and Diagram of Mouse Brain

Sponsored Programs Administration

We help investigators submit and negotiate grants and research contracts.

Researcher Pipetting Materials in Lab