Selected Publications

Mendoza, A., V. Fang, C. Chen, M. Serasinghe, A. Verma, J. Muller, V.S. Chaluvadi, M.L. Dustin, T. Hla, O. Elemento, J.E. Chipuk, S.R. Schwab. Lymphatic endothelial S1P promotes naï T cell mitochondrial function and survival.Nature 2017; 546:158-61. PMID: 28538737.

Fang, V., V.S. Chaluvadi, W.D. Ramos-Perez, A. Mendoza, A. Baeyens, R. Rivera, J. Chun, M. Cammer, S.R. Schwab.   S1P gradients position NK cells in lymph nodes and regulate the early IFNg response to infection. Nature Immunology 2017; 18:15-25. PMID: 27841869.

Ramos-Perez, W.D., V. Fang, D. Escalante-Alcalde, M. Cammer, S.R. Schwab. A map of the distribution of sphingosine 1-phosphate in the spleen.  Nature Immunology 2015; 16:1245-52.  PMID: 26502404.  PMCID: PMC4690472. (Commentary by Brinkman and Bromberg.)  

Pitt, L. A., A.N. Tikhonova, H. Hu, T. Trimarchi, B. King, Y. Gong, M. Sanchez-Martin, A. Tsirigos, D.R. Littman, A. Ferrando, S.J. Morrison, D.R. Fooksman*, I. Aifantis*, S.R. Schwab*. CXCL12-producing vascular endothelial niches control acute T cell leukemia maintenance, Cancer Cell 2015; 27:755-768.  PMID: 26058075.  PMCID: PMC4461838.  (Free featured article, commentary by de Bock and Cools.)

Baeyens, A., V. Fang, C. Chen, S.R. Schwab.  Exit Strategies: S1P Signaling and T Cell Migration. Trends in Immunology 2015; 36:778-87. PMID: 26596799. PMCID: PMC4832571 (to be released 12-1-16).

Mendoza, A., L.A. Pitt, S.R. Schwab.  Sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling and lymphocyte trafficking.  In “Lysophospholipid Receptors: Signaling and Biochemistry”, edited by Jerold Chun, Timothy Hla, Sarah Spiegel, and Wouter Moolenaar, published by John Wiley & Sons. 2013.

Mendoza, A., B. Breart, W.D. Ramos-Perez, L.A. Pitt, M. Gobert, M. Sunkara, J.J. Lafaille, A.J. Morris, and S.R. Schwab. The transporter Spns2 is required for secretion of lymph but not plasma sphingosine-1-phosphate.  Cell Reports 2012; 2:1104-10.  PMID 23103166.  PMCID: PMC3616498.

Cyster, J.G. and S.R. Schwab. Sphingosine-1-phosphate and lymphocyte egress from lymphoid organs.  Annual Review of Immunology 2012; 30:69-94. PMID: 22149932.

Breart, B., W.D. Ramos-Perez, A. Mendoza, A.K. Salous, M. Gobert, Y. Huang, R.H. Adams, J.J. Lafaille, D. Escalante-Alcalde, A.J. Morris, S.R. Schwab.  Lipid phosphate phosphatase 3 enables efficient thymic egress.  Journal of Experimental Medicine 2011; 208:1267-78.  PMID: 21576386. PMCID: PMC3173249.

Grigorova, I.L., S.R. Schwab*, T.G. Phan*, T.H. Pham, T. Okada, J.G. Cyster. Cortical sinus probing, S1P1-dependent entry and flow-based capture of egressing T cells. Nature Immunology 2009; 10:58-65. *Equal contribution. PMID: 19060900.  PMCID: PMC2710451.

Pappu, R.*, S.R. Schwab*, I. Cornelissen, J.P. Pereira, J.B. Regard, Y. Xu, E. Camerer, Y-W. Zheng, Y. Huang, J.G. Cyster, S.R. Coughlin. Promotion of lymphocyte egress into blood and lymph by distinct sources of sphingosine-1-phosphate.  Science 2007; 316:295-8. *Equal contribution. PMID: 17363629.

Schwab, S.R. and J.G. Cyster.  Finding a way out: Lymphocyte egress from lymphoid organs.  Nature Immunology 2007; 8:1295-301. PMID: 18026082.

Schwab, S.R., J.P. Pereira, M. Matloubian, Y. Xu, Y. Huang, J.G. Cyster.  Lymphocyte sequestration through S1P lyase inhibition and disruption of S1P gradients.  Science 2005; 309:1735-39. PMID: 16151014.

Schwab, S.R., J.A. Shugart, T. Horng, S. Malarkannan, and N. Shastri.  Unanticipated antigens: translation initiation at CUG with leucine.  PLoS Biology 2004; 2:1774-84. PMID: 15510226. PMCID: PMC524250.

Schwab, S.R., K.C. Li, C. Kang, and N. Shastri.  Constitutive display of cryptic translation products by MHC class I molecules. Science 2003; 301:1367-71. PMID: 12958358.

Shastri, N., S. Schwab, and T. Serwold.  Producing nature's gene-chips: the generation of peptides for display by MHC class I molecules.  Annual Review of Immunology 2002; 20:463-493. PMID: 11861610.

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