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Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens Program Research Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens Program Publications

Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens Program Publications

Investigators in the Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens Program at NYU Langone frequently publish the results of their research in leading peer-reviewed journals. Read more to learn about their latest advances.

Secreted mammalian DNases protect against systemic bacterial infection by digesting biofilms

Lacey, Keenan A; Serpas, Lee; Makita, Sohei; Wang, Yueyang; Rashidfarrokhi, Ali; Soni, Chetna; Gonzalez, Sandra; Moreira, Andre; Torres, Victor J; Reizis, Boris

Journal of experimental medicine. 2023 Jun 05; 220:

Multivalent human antibody-centyrin fusion protein to prevent and treat Staphylococcus aureus infections

Buckley, Peter T; Chan, Rita; Fernandez, Jeffrey; Luo, Jinquan; Lacey, Keenan A; DuMont, Ashley L; O'Malley, Aidan; Brezski, Randall J; Zheng, Songmao; Malia, Thomas; Whitaker, Brian; Zwolak, Adam; Payne, Angela; Clark, Desmond; Sigg, Martin; Lacy, Eilyn R; Kornilova, Anna; Kwok, Debra; McCarthy, Steve; Wu, Bingyuan; Morrow, Brian; Nemeth-Seay, Jennifer; Petley, Ted; Wu, Sam; Strohl, William R; Lynch, Anthony Simon; Torres, Victor J

Cell host & microbe. 2023 May 10; 31:751-765.e11

SarS Is a Repressor of Staphylococcus aureus Bicomponent Pore-Forming Leukocidins

Anderson, Exene E; Dyzenhaus, Sophie; Ilmain, Juliana K; Sullivan, Mitchell J; van Bakel, Harm; Torres, Victor J

Infection & immunity. 2023 Apr 18; 91:e0053222

Regulation of Bacterial Two-Component Systems by Cardiolipin

Yeo, Won-Sik; Dyzenhaus, Sophie; Torres, Victor J; Brinsmade, Shaun R; Bae, Taeok

Infection & immunity. 2023 Apr 18; 91:e0004623

How Ophthalmologists Can Decarbonize Eye Care: A Review of Existing Sustainability Strategies and Steps Ophthalmologists Can Take

Sherry, Brooke; Lee, Samuel; Ramos Cadena, Maria De Los Angeles; Laynor, Gregory; Patel, Sheel R; Simon, Maxine dellaBadia; Romanowski, Eric G; Hochman, Sarah E; Schuman, Joel S; Prescott, Christina; Thiel, Cassandra L

Ophthalmology. 2023 Mar 06;

Capsular Polysaccharide Is Essential for the Virulence of the Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogen Enterobacter hormaechei

St John, Amelia; Perault, Andrew I; Giacometti, Sabrina I; Sommerfield, Alexis G; DuMont, Ashley L; Lacey, Keenan A; Zheng, Xuhui; Sproch, Julia; Petzold, Chris; Dancel-Manning, Kristen; Gonzalez, Sandra; Annavajhala, Medini; Beckford, Colleen; Zeitouni, Nathalie; Liang, Feng-Xia; van Bakel, Harm; Shopsin, Bo; Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin; Pironti, Alejandro; Torres, Victor J

MBio. 2023 Feb 13; e0259022

MRSA lineage USA300 isolated from bloodstream infections exhibit altered virulence regulation

Dyzenhaus, Sophie; Sullivan, Mitchell J; Alburquerque, Bremy; Boff, Daiane; van de Guchte, Adriana; Chung, Marilyn; Fulmer, Yi; Copin, Richard; Ilmain, Juliana K; O'Keefe, Anna; Altman, Deena R; Stubbe, François-Xavier; Podkowik, Magdalena; Dupper, Amy C; Shopsin, Bo; van Bakel, Harm; Torres, Victor J

Cell host & microbe. 2023 Feb 08; 31:228-242.e8

Conservation Practices for Personal Protective Equipment: A Systematic Review with Focus on Lower-Income Countries

Thiel, Cassandra L; Sreedhar, Pallavi; Silva, Genevieve S; Greene, Hannah C; Seetharaman, Meenakshi; Durr, Meghan; Roberts, Timothy; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Lee, Paul H; Andrade, Gizely; El-Shahawy, Omar; Hochman, Sarah E

International journal of environmental research & public health. 2023 Jan 31; 20: