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Parekh Center for Interdisciplinary Neurology

We research common mechanisms that underlie different neurodegenerative disorders.

At NYU Langone Health’s Parekh Center for Interdisciplinary Neurology, physicians and scientists collaborate to better understand the common mechanisms that cause different neurodegenerative disorders with the goal of developing novel therapies for our patient community.

Our research focuses on cross-disease drivers of pathology, particularly, the peripheral influences on the central nervous system of immune cells and the microbiome, and central nervous system–resident non-neuronal mechanisms driven by glial cells. These insights will provide new therapeutic approaches with wide applications across conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and multiple system atrophy. Our research also focuses on prodromal stages, when disease-modifying therapies for neurodegenerative disorders are likely to be most effective.

We coordinate multiple studies that span seemingly disparate neurological diseases to gain additional insights on common drivers of pathogenesis, especially those involving central nervous system glial dysfunction and peripheral changes, such as immune dysfunction. The Parekh Center for Interdisciplinary Neurology also seeks to bridge our strong clinical and basic research teams across NYU Langone, and ensure the best minds are working toward a common goal of curing disease. Importantly, these studies are based in patient-focused clinical studies and will generate hypotheses to be further tested and validated in animal and cellular models.

As leaders in translational and clinical research, NYU Langone offers a strong training ground for scientific investigators through its MD/PhD training program, and furthers research opportunities through its Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience Institute.

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