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Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Publications

Research conducted by NYU Langone’s Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism appears in leading academic and medical publications.

Tumor volume improves preoperative differentiation of prolactinomas and nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas

Wright, Kyla; Lee, Matthew; Escobar, Natalie; Pacione, Donato; Young, Matthew; Fatterpekar, Girish; Agrawal, Nidhi

Endocrine. 2021 Oct ; 74:138-145

Challenges of conducting a remote behavioral weight loss study: Lessons learned and a practical guide

Hu, Lu; Illiano, Paige; Pompeii, Mary Lou; Popp, Collin J.; Kharmats, Anna Y.; Curran, Margaret; Perdomo, Katherine; Chen, Shirley; Bergman, Michael; Segal, Eran; Sevick, Mary Ann

Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2021 Sep 01; 108:?-?

Lymph node metastases in pediatric medullary thyroid carcinoma

Oliver, Jamie R; Patel, Kepal N; Chang, Clifford M; Baldwin, Chelsey K; Brar, Preneet C; Morris, Luc G T; Givi, Babak

Surgery. 2021 Sep ; 170:736-742

AGE/RAGE/DIAPH1 axis is associated with immunometabolic markers and risk of insulin resistance in subcutaneous but not omental adipose tissue in human obesity

Ruiz, Henry H; Nguyen, Anh; Wang, Chan; He, Linchen; Li, Huilin; Hallowell, Peter; McNamara, Coleen; Schmidt, Ann Marie

International journal of obesity (2005). 2021 09 ; 45:2083-2094

Microbial signatures in the lower airways of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients associated with poor clinical outcome

Sulaiman, Imran; Chung, Matthew; Angel, Luis; Tsay, Jun-Chieh J; Wu, Benjamin G; Yeung, Stephen T; Krolikowski, Kelsey; Li, Yonghua; Duerr, Ralf; Schluger, Rosemary; Thannickal, Sara A; Koide, Akiko; Rafeq, Samaan; Barnett, Clea; Postelnicu, Radu; Wang, Chang; Banakis, Stephanie; Pérez-Pérez, Lizzette; Shen, Guomiao; Jour, George; Meyn, Peter; Carpenito, Joseph; Liu, Xiuxiu; Ji, Kun; Collazo, Destiny; Labarbiera, Anthony; Amoroso, Nancy; Brosnahan, Shari; Mukherjee, Vikramjit; Kaufman, David; Bakker, Jan; Lubinsky, Anthony; Pradhan, Deepak; Sterman, Daniel H; Weiden, Michael; Heguy, Adriana; Evans, Laura; Uyeki, Timothy M; Clemente, Jose C; de Wit, Emmie; Schmidt, Ann Marie; Shopsin, Bo; Desvignes, Ludovic; Wang, Chan; Li, Huilin; Zhang, Bin; Forst, Christian V; Koide, Shohei; Stapleford, Kenneth A; Khanna, Kamal M; Ghedin, Elodie; Segal, Leopoldo N

Nature microbiology. 2021 Aug 31;

Silencing Myeloid Netrin-1 Induces Inflammation Resolution and Plaque Regression

Schlegel, Martin Paul; Sharma, Monika; Brown, Emily J; Newman, Alexandra Ac; Cyr, Yannick; Afonso, Milessa Silva; Corr, Emma M; Koelwyn, Graeme J; van Solingen, Coen; Guzman, Jonathan; Farhat, Rubab; Nikain, Cyrus A; Shanley, Lianne C; Peled, Daniel; Schmidt, Ann Marie; Fisher, Edward A; Moore, Kathryn J

Circulation research. 2021 Aug 20; 129:530-546

Determinants of surgical remission in prolactinomas: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Wright, Kyla; Chaker, Layal; Pacione, Donato; Sam, Keren; Feelders, Richard; Xia, Yuhe; Agrawal, Nidhi

World neurosurgery. 2021 Jul 26;

PREVENT: A Randomized, Placebo-controlled Crossover Trial of Avexitide for Treatment of Postbariatric Hypoglycemia

Craig, Colleen M; Lawler, Helen Margaret; Lee, Clare Jung Eun; Tan, Marilyn; Davis, Dawn Belt; Tong, Jenny; Glodowski, Michele; Rogowitz, Elisa; Karaman, Rowan; McLaughlin, Tracey L; Porter, Lisa

Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism. 2021 Jul 13; 106:e3235-e3248