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Division of Nephrology Education

We provide training in the field of nephrology to medical students, residents, and fellows.

The Division of Nephrology is actively engaged in teaching medical students, residents, and fellows.

Medical Student Education

Our faculty members host lectures, workshops, and case conferences in kidney physiology for first-year medical students and teach pathophysiology to second-year medical students.

Nephrology Fellowship

Our two-year Nephrology Fellowship is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Nephrology Continuing Medical Education

Our continuing medical education provides education and training opportunities for physicians and clinical staff. Taught by leaders in nephrology, these programs focus on the latest technologies, procedures, and research to provide the highest standards of patient care.

Grand Rounds

Grands rounds are held on Mondays at 12:00PM from September to June. This conference alternates between research and clinical presentations by local and national speakers, and a journal club for review of recent research papers.

Clinical Conference

Held on Tuesday mornings, this conference includes presentation of interesting clinical cases and review of kidney biopsy cases by a kidney pathologist.

Nephrology and Rheumatology Conference

This monthly conference takes place on Wednesday mornings and is a collaborative conference among rheumatology, nephrology, and kidney pathology. The format revolves around presentation of a case, review of the associated biopsies, and review of the relevant literature and clinical guidelines.