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Division of Translational Medicine About the Division of Translational Medicine

About the Division of Translational Medicine

Established by Bruce N. Cronstein, MD, in July 2000, NYU Langone’s Division of Translational Medicine is one of the most active research groups of its kind in New York City.

The division’s mission is research-centered and concentrates on the following objectives:

  • understanding the action and metabolism of drugs currently in use
  • helping translate laboratory discoveries into agents for use in clinical care
  • comprehending the genetic and metabolic bases for responses to and toxicity of pharmacologically active agents
  • studying the effects of drugs on human diseases as a means to investigate the underlying pathogenic mechanisms

Our team carries out pharmacological investigations in three laboratories, aiming to transform our research into advances that improve health outcomes for individual patients and have a global impact.

Our research has led to potential new treatments for osteoarthritis, cancer, and liver disease. We have also found a way to regenerate bone while preventing inflammatory bone destruction, and have developed a treatment that promotes wound healing while preventing fibrosis and scarring.

The Division of Translational Medicine also plays an important role in deciphering the mechanisms of action of older anti-inflammatory drugs, such as methotrexate and colchicine.