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Center for Early Childhood Health & Development Publications

Read the latest articles, published in top peer-reviewed journals, from researchers at NYU Langone’s Center for Early Childhood Health and Development.

Bilingual language broker profiles and academic competence in Mexican-origin adolescents

Kim, Su Yeong; Zhang, Minyu; Chen, Shanting; Song, Jiaxiu; Lopez, Belem G; Rodriguez, Erin M; Calzada, Esther J; Hou, Yang; Yan, Jinjin; Shen, Yishan

Developmental psychology. 2020 Jun 11;

The association of peer behavioral regulation with motor-cognitive readiness skills in preschool

Rojas, Natalia; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Morris, Pamela; Kamboukos, Dimitra; Dawson-Mcclure, Spring; Brotman, Laurie

Early childhood research quarterly. 2020 Apr 01; 51:153-163

Association of Family Member Detention or Deportation With Latino or Latina Adolescents' Later Risks of Suicidal Ideation, Alcohol Use, and Externalizing Problems

Roche, Kathleen M; White, Rebecca M B; Lambert, Sharon F; Schulenberg, John; Calzada, Esther J; Kuperminc, Gabriel P; Little, Todd D

JAMA pediatrics. 2020 Mar 16;

The father's role in risk and resilience among Mexican-American adolescents

O'Gara, Jaimie L; Calzada, Esther J; Kim, Su Yeong

American journal of orthopsychiatry. 2020 Jan ; 90:70-77

Skin color as a predictor of mental health in young Latinx children

Calzada, Esther J; Kim, Yeonwoo; O'Gara, Jaimie L

Social science & medicine. 2019 Aug 17; 238:112467

Parental socialization profiles in Mexican-origin families: Considering cultural socialization and general parenting practices

Kim, Su Yeong; Chen, Shanting; Hou, Yang; Zeiders, Katharine H; Calzada, Esther J

Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology. 2019 Jul ; 25:439-450

Autonomy-related Parenting Processes and Adolescent Adjustment in Latinx Immigrant Families

Roche, Kathleen M; Lambert, Sharon F; White, Rebecca M B; Calzada, Esther J; Little, Todd D; Kuperminc, Gabriel P; Schulenberg, John E

Journal of youth & adolescence. 2019 Jun ; 48:1161-1174

Socioeconomic risk moderates the association between caregiver cortisol levels and infant cortisol reactivity to emotion induction at 24 months

Braren, Stephen H; Perry, Rosemarie E; Ursache, Alexandra; Blair, Clancy

Developmental psychobiology. 2019 May ; 61:573-591