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Department of Population Health Research Population Health Publications

Population Health Publications

NYU Langone’s Department of Population Health publishes research findings in top peer-reviewed academic journals to advance the field of population health and encourage translation of our research. Read recent publications by our faculty and staff to learn more about our work.

Selected Publications

Relapsing White Matter Disease and Subclinical Optic Neuropathy: From the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Case Conference Proceedings

O'Neill, Kimberly A; Dugue, Andrew; Abreu, Nicolas J; Balcer, Laura J; Branche, Marc; Galetta, Steven; Graves, Jennifer; Kister, Ilya; Magro, Cynthia; Miller, Claire; Newsome, Scott D; Pappas, John; Rucker, Janet; Steigerwald, Connolly; William, Christopher M; Zamvil, Scott S; Grossman, Scott N; Krupp, Lauren B

Neurology neuroimmunology & neuroinflammation. 2024 Mar ; 11:e200194

Evaluation of novel candidate filtration markers from a global metabolomic discovery for glomerular filtration rate estimation

Fino, Nora; Adingwupu, Ogechi M; Coresh, Josef; Greene, Tom; Haaland, Ben; Shlipak, Michael G; Costa E Silva, Veronica T; Kalil, Roberto; Mindikoglu, Ayse L; Furth, Susan L; Seegmiller, Jesse C; Levey, Andrew S; Inker, Lesley A

Kidney international. 2024 Mar ; 105:582-592

Representation Matters: Trust in Digital Health Information Among Black Patients With Prostate Cancer

Loeb, Stacy; Sanchez Nolasco, Tatiana; Byrne, Nataliya; Allen, Laura; Langford, Aisha T; Ravenell, Joseph; Gomez, Scarlett Lin; Washington, Samuel L; Borno, Hala T; Griffith, Derek M; Criner, Nickole

Journal of urology. 2024 Mar ; 211:376-383

Prostate cancer and podcasts: an analysis and assessment of the quality of information about prostate cancer available on podcasts

Scott, Colin; Campbell, Peter; Nemirovsky, Amy; Loeb, Stacy; Malik, Rena

Prostate cancer & prostatic diseases. 2024 Mar ; 27:153-154

Cognitive impairment and outcomes in older adults with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome

Dirjayanto, Valerie Josephine; Alkhalil, Mohammad; Dodson, John; Mills, Gregory; Pompei, Graziella; Rubino, Francesca; Kunadian, Vijay

Heart (British Cardiac Society). 2024 Feb 23; 110:416-424

Factors Associated with Patient Adherence to Biofeedback Therapy Referral for Migraine: An Observational Study

Minen, Mia T; George, Alexis; Cuneo, Ami Z

Applied psychophysiology & biofeedback. 2024 Feb 22;

Serious illness communication skills training for emergency physicians and advanced practice providers: a multi-method assessment of the reach and effectiveness of the intervention

Adeyemi, Oluwaseun; Ginsburg, Alexander D; Kaur, Regina; Cuthel, Allison M; Zhao, Nicole; Siman, Nina; Goldfeld, Keith S; Emlet, Lillian Liang; DiMaggio, Charles; Yamarik, Rebecca Liddicoat; Bouillon-Minois, Jean-Baptiste; Chodosh, Joshua; Grudzen, Corita R; ,

BMC palliative care. 2024 Feb 21; 23:48

Association of Socioeconomic Status With Life's Essential 8 in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Effect Modification by Sex

Williams, Amaris; Nolan, Timiya S; Luthy, Jacsen; Brewer, LaPrincess C; Ortiz, Robin; Venkatesh, Kartik K; Sanchez, Eduardo; Brock, Guy N; Nawaz, Saira; Garner, Jennifer A; Walker, Daniel M; Gray, Darrell M; Joseph, Joshua J

Journal of the American Heart Association. 2024 Feb 20; 13:e030805