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Affordability & Financial Aid for MD Students Types of Financial Aid for MD Students

Types of Financial Aid for MD Students

NYU School of Medicine is proud to offer all current students and future matriculated students accepted to our MD degree program a full-tuition scholarship, regardless of financial need or merit. To help with additional expenses associated with attending medical school—books and supplies, room and board, health insurance, and fees—we offer institutional loans and federal loans as needed.

To be considered for institutional or federal loans beyond the tuition scholarship, you must complete the financial aid application process, providing financial information about yourself, your parents, and your spouse (if applicable).

There are three basic types of financial aid:

Financial Aid Eligibility

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have never defaulted on a student loan can receive financial aid. To be considered for financial aid, and to maintain the funds awarded to you, you must be in compliance with NYU School of Medicine’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

If you receive an outside scholarship or grant, it’s your responsibility to notify the financial aid office. That information is taken into account when we determine your financial aid package.

Eligibility for Dual MD/Master’s Degree Students

If you are enrolled in dual MD/master’s degree programs, NYU School of Medicine processes your financial aid and you receive a full-tuition scholarship to cover tuition costs for the MD degree portion. During your master’s degree semesters, financial aid is awarded and processed through the graduate school that administers your master’s degree and you are charged tuition for your master’s degree.

The limit on federal loans you are eligible to receive varies according to the academic program you choose, and that may affect your borrowing capacity for a given semester. For that reason, we encourage all medical students applying to a dual MD/master’s program to schedule an appointment for financial counseling.

To schedule an appointment, contact the NYU School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid at finaid@nyulangone.org or 212-263-5286.

Eligibility for Canadian Students

Canadian students are considered for NYU School of Medicine scholarships but are not currently eligible for need-based loans or scholarships. If you’re a Canadian medical student seeking financial assistance, you can search NYU’s database of private lenders for options.

Contact Us

For questions about the financial aid process or to schedule a counseling session, contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@nyulangone.org or 212-263-5286.