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WISE Courses Course on Addiction Recovery Education

Course on Addiction Recovery Education

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Web Initiative for Surgical Education (WISE) hosts the Course on Addiction Recovery Education (CARE), a set of modules created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. The modules focus on treatment, care, and recovery for substance use disorders and are essential in better understanding clinical situations that are highly sensitive and require high levels of professionalism without bias.

The online curriculum, in partnership with NYU Grossman School of Medicine, prepares learners from around the world to identify, intervene, and address substance use disorders with their patients. The curriculum addresses the current lack of formal substance use disorder training that has left many physicians inadequately prepared to assess, intervene, manage, and treat addiction and co-occurring disorders. Properly trained providers are better positioned to serve patients with substance use disorders and improve the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

CARE Modules

Designed for medical students, the CARE modules cover the following patient profiles:

  • a 34-year-old who is pregnant and has a substance use disorder
  • a 16-year-old who has a substance use disorder
  • a 38-year-old who is seeking a pain management plan
  • a 56-year-old who has alcohol use withdrawal and requires brief motivational intervention
  • a 34-year-old who has a stimulant use disorder, and the role of genetics in alcohol and substance use disorder
  • a 39-year-old who uses heroin, delving into the neurobiology of addiction

Additional modules are also offered. Through TED Talk–style videos, leading scientists and clinicians present the latest information and best practices on topics including an overview of treatment for substance use disorders, evidence-based behavioral therapies for substance use disorders, the epidemiology of addiction and psychiatric comorbidity, conceptual approaches to treating substance use in the United States, and the role of substance use professionals and medications for the treatment of addiction.

The modules, covering 14 topics, include self-assessment questions, learning objectives, and professionalism approaches on how to interact in different clinical situations involving addiction. Learners can also customize the modules to better suit their needs and schedules.

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