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Assaf Tal, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

PhD from Weizmann Institute of Science



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Academic office

660 First Avenue

Second Floor

New York, NY 10016

Verghese, George; Vöröslakos, Mihaly; Markovic, Stefan; Tal, Assaf; Dehkharghani, Seena; Yaghmazadeh, Omid; Alon, Leeor

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Tal, Assaf; Zhao, Tiejun; Schirda, Claudiu; Hetherington, Hoby P; Pan, Jullie W; Gonen, Oded

NMR in biomedicine. 2021 Mar 23; e4507

Pan, Jullie W; Antony, Arun; Tal, Assaf; Yushmanov, Victor; Fong, Joanna; Richardson, Mark; Schirda, Claud; Bagic, Anto; Gonen, Oded; Hetherington, Hoby P

NMR in biomedicine. 2021 Mar 10; e4492

Geiger, Yasmin; Tal, Assaf

NMR in biomedicine. 2020 Apr 27; e4316

Davitz, Matthew S; Gonen, Oded; Tal, Assaf; Babb, James S; Lui, Yvonne W; Kirov, Ivan I

Journal of magnetic resonance imaging. 2019 Nov; 50(5):1424-1432