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Christopher H. Marshall

Clinical Professor, Department of Radiology

Professor Emeritus of Radiology, Department of Radiology

Presents a series of lectures/seminars on basic radiological imaging physics for the first year radiology residents; also presents lectures and seminars on the subject of patient, staff and public radiation safety issues to 3rd and 4th year elective students and to other groups within the NYU community. Has a particular interest in the physical aspects of CT scanning which arose in the days when the first CT scanners transformed radiology and medicine by applying the power of digital technology to radiological imaging ? a revolution that is still gathering strength. Spends the majority of time on administrative issues as Director of the Radiation Safety Department that serves NYU, NYU Medical Center, Bellevue Hospitals Center and the Manhattan VA Medical Center and as the Radiation Safety Officer of NYU, NYU Medical Center and Bellevue Hospitals Center. The Radiation safety Department supports the use of radioactive materials for clinical and research purposes, and performs periodic evaluation and calibration of all the diagnostic radiographic, fluoroscopic and CT equipment to help address the physical, technical, dosimetric, and legally regulated aspects of these technologies. Is a member of many institutional committees dealing with related issues and participates in the review of research protocols where these involve technical and dosimetric issues. Has a personal interest in scientific journal publishing, which like radiology is also being transformed by digital technology. Is associated with the scientific publishing activities of professional societies related to medical physics and physics.
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