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Els D. Fieremans

Els D. Fieremans, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Biophysics; Diffusion MRI

I have been working on diffusion MRI since 2003. During my Ph.D., I introduced anisotropic diffusion fiber phantoms useful for testing diffusion MRI sequences and fiber tractography. I also developed numerical Monte Carlo simulations of random walkers to model the diffusion signal in brain tissue.

In my current research, I continue to focus on validation methods for diffusion MRI including both hardware and numerical phantoms, as well as animal models. I thereby seek to develop and translate new imaging markers for neurodegeneration, as well as body diffusion applications in muscle and prostate, using advanced biophysical modeling of non-Gaussian and time-dependent diffusion in biological tissue.



Academic office

660 First Avenue

2nd Floor, 205

New York, NY 10016

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Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

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