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Guillaume Madelin

Guillaume Madelin, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-Nuclei (Sodium, Phosphorus) MRI, Metabolic Imaging, Non-Cartesian MRI, Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) MRI, Neuroimaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Cancer Imaging, MR Physics


Academic office

Center for Biomedical Imaging, 660 First Avenue

4th Floor

New York, NY 10016

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PhD from University of Bordeaux

Tordjman, Mickael; Perronne, Laetitia; Madelin, Guillaume; Mali, Rahul D; Burke, Christopher

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Tordjman, Mickael; Mali, Rahul; Madelin, Guillaume; Prabhu, Vinay; Kang, Stella K

European radiology. 2020 Jul; 30(7):4023-4038

Yu, Zidan; Madelin, Guillaume; Sodickson, Daniel K; Cloos, Martijn A

Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2020 Jun; 83(6):2232-2242

Lakshmanan, Karthik; Dehkharghani, Seena; Madelin, Guillaume; Brown, Ryan

Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2020 Apr; 83(4):1512-1518

Ianniello, Carlotta; Madelin, Guillaume; Moy, Linda; Brown, Ryan

Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2019 Oct; 82(4):1566-1575

Coste, Arthur; Boumezbeur, Fawzi; Vignaud, Alexandre; Madelin, Guillaume; Reetz, Kathrin; Le Bihan, Denis; Rabrait-Lerman, Cécile; Romanzetti, Sandro

Magnetic resonance imaging. 2019 Jan 26; 58:116-124

Strijkers, Gustav J; Araujo, Ericky C A; Azzabou, Noura; Bendahan, David; Blamire, Andrew; Burakiewicz, Jedrek; Carlier, Pierre G; Damon, Bruce; Deligianni, Xeni; Froeling, Martijn; Heerschap, Arend; Hollingsworth, Kieren G; Hooijmans, Melissa T; Karampinos, Dimitrios C; Loudos, George; Madelin, Guillaume; Marty, Benjamin; Nagel, Armin M; Nederveen, Aart J; Nelissen, Jules L; Santini, Francesco; Scheidegger, Olivier; Schick, Fritz; Sinclair, Christopher; Sinkus, Ralph; de Sousa, Paulo L; Straub, Volker; Walter, Glenn; Kan, Hermien E

Journal of neuromuscular diseases. 2019 Feb; 6(1):1-30

A dual-tuned O-17/H-1 head array for direct brain oximetry at 3 Tesla

Lakshmanan, Karthik; Dehkharghani, Seena; Madelin, Guillaume; Brown, Ryan

Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2019;