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Self-Release Techniques by Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, in partnership with Mark Morris Dance Center and NYC Dance Week

Join us for this 1-hour workshop on techniques for releasing soft tissue using foam rollers, massage balls, and other tools. We will look at anatomical images corresponding to the tissues we are addressing and cover healthy post-release stretching. Dancers and the general public are welcome. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own favorite foam roller (or massage ball or other self-massage tool). Space for this workshop, provided in conjunction with the Harkness Center Healthy Dancer Initiative, is generously provided by the Mark Morris Dance Center.

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Where: Mark Morris Dance Center, 3 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Please bring your own favorite roller.

(space is limited)


"These teachers are truly experts in the field. Pleasure to learn from them. Bravo!"
-Minding the Body, Healing the Dancer, 2009

"I am so glad I took the course- I kept thinking about particular students and how I will help them in the fall!"
-Minding the Body, Healing the Dancer, 2009