Research Publications

American Journal of Sports Medicine

A comparison of landing biomechanics between male and female dancers and Athletes, Part I: influence of gender and implications for ACL injury risk.

A comparison of landing biomechanics between male and female dancers and Athletes, Part II: influence of fatigue on special landing patterns causing ACL injuries. 

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Foot and Ankle International Journal

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Journal of Applied Biomechanics

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Journal of Dance Medicine and Science

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Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport

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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Kinesiology and Medicine in Dance

How can Dancers and Healthcare Professionals Afford Each Other: Seeking a Dynamic Balance, 15 (1): 15-24, 1992

Medical Problems in Performing Artists

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Physiological and Psychological Measuremetnts of Performance Stress and Onset of Injuries in Professional Ballet Dancers, 9: 10-14, 1994

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Body Dissatisfaction in Men and Women Professional Dancers (abstract), June 2001

The Effect of Amenorrhea on Strength and Fatigue in Ballet Dancers (abstract), June 2000

Strength and Fatigue in Amenorrehic Ballet Dancers, May 2000 (abstract)

Gender Differences in Metabolic Rate Among Ballet Dancers (abstract), June 1998

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Orthopedics Insight

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Southern Medical Journal

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