Conferences and Seminars

The ID training program provides several conferences to enhance learning of the clinical and basic science aspects of infectious diseases and to refine expertise in evaluating medical literature. A weekly calendar of conferences may be accessed from Quick Links on the ID Division Home Page. These conferences are listed as follows:

Summer core curriculum: Intensive Introduction to Infectious Diseases
This daily didactic session from July through August provides an intensive introduction to clinical infectious diseases designed at the level of subspecialty trainees. Each topic is presented by faculty with dedicated expertise in that topic. For example, lectures in advanced pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimicrobials are delivered by ID PharmD faculty, opportunistic infections in solid organ transplants by transplant ID faculty, and antiretroviral management by experienced virologists. This series is exclusive to ID fellows to facilitate discourse between the faculty expert and ID fellows, and to ensure that content is optimal for subspecialty trainees.

Infectious Disease Division regular conferences

  • Inter-City Rounds. Fellows present unique ID cases from different hospitals in New York metropolitan area to an audience of experienced ID faculty from multiple academic medical centers. Held weekly at various institutions, twice yearly at NYU, held Mondays.
  • Tuesday Morning Conference. This weekly conference rotates between Journal Club, Morbidity and Mortality, and Case-Based Conferences. At the case conferences, general ID, transplant ID and HIV cases are presented by first year fellows while a second year fellow facilitates the session. Presentations are designed to allow for open discussion of clinical management by the ID division at large.
  • Microbiology Lab Rounds. This weekly didactic case-based session is led by the clinical microbiology director in the Bellevue Clinical Microbiology Lab and is directed toward ID fellows and faculty. Held Tuesdays.
  • Medical Grand Rounds. Weekly guest speaker in topics of internal medicine. More information can be found at NYU Department of Medicine Grand Rounds, held Wednesdays, 7:45 - 8:45am.
  • ID Transplant Management Conference. This weekly conference is taught by the transplant ID faculty. Held Thursdays.
  • ID Grand Rounds. Guest speakers with significant research focus comprise the majority of the weekly Grand Rounds lectures. Fellows lead several Grand Rounds throughout the year. Fellow-led grand rounds are usually case-based with discussion of a specific issue of case pathogenesis, diagnosis or management. Held Fridays.
  • Professor Rounds/ Board Review. This weekly session includes rotating didactics on topics requested by our fellows, Board Review questions and discussion, and monthly meetings with the Program Director to promote communication and feedback between fellows and the Program. Held Fridays. 

    Other regular NYU Conferences of Interest:

    • Pulmonary/TB Rounds
    • Microbiology Seminars
    • Immunology Seminars
    • Honor’s Program Seminars
    • Bacterial pathogenesis research conferences