Nephrology Grand Rounds 2007-2008




Brad Weaver, MD 6/17/08 Sarcoidosis and the Kidney
Zae Kim, MD 5/08 ANCA vasculitis
Alicia Notkin, MD 5/20/08 Pregnancy & Renal Transplantation
Brad Weaver, MD 5/13/08 Refractory Hyperparathyroidism
Zae Kim, MD 5/08 Myeloma and the kidney
Zae Kim, MD 4/08 Bartter Gitelman Syndrome
Brad Weaver, MD 4/8/08 Schistosomiasis and the Kidney
Alicia Notkin, MD 3/31/08 Molecular Mechanisms of Antidiuretic Effect of Oxytocin
Alicia Notkin, MD 2/26/08 Acquired Renal cystic disease
Brad Weaver, MD 2/19/08 Peritoneal dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury
Alicia Notkin, MD 2/6/08 Multiple myeloma and plasmapheresis
Zae Kim, MD 1/08 Hepatitis C related membranoproliferative GN
Brad Weaver, MD 12/11/07 Lupus nephritis
Zae Kim, MD 11/07 IVIG related acute kidney injury
Zae Kim, MD 10/07 Acute interstitial nephritis
Brad Weaver, MD 9/25/07 Hemoglobinuria
Alexander Usorov, MD 9/18/07 Vitamin D and Immunity
Zae Kim, MD 9/11/07 Atheroemboli
Alicia Notkin, MD 9/04/07 Acid/Base
Brad Weaver, MD 8/07/07 Cellular FSGS
Misha Kotlov, MD 7/10/07 Hemodialysis in the elderly
Alicia Notkin, MD 7/17/07 Use of vaptans in the treatment of hyponatremia
Zae Kim, MD 7/24/07 Minimal change disease and treatment with steroids
Alexander Usorov, MD 7/31/07 SIAD: Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis