Nephrology Grand Rounds 2009-2010




Hania Kassem, MD  3/23/10  FSGS 
Aditya Mattoo, MD  3/16/10  IGA Nephropathy with Crescents 
Trina Banerjee, MD  3/2/10  Ethylene Glycol Poisoning 
Hania Kassem, MD  2/23/10 Renal Artery Stenosis
Trina Banerjee, MD 2/16/10 Pericardial Involvement in ESRD
Saleem Bharmal, MD  2/9/10  Iron Repletion in ESRD 
Aditya Mattoo, MD  12/22/09 HAART and Kidney
Hania Kassem, MD  12/8/09  Amyloidosis 
Hania Kassem, MD 11/10/09 Renal Vein Thrombosis
Saleem Bharmal, MD  11/3/09  Acid/Base 
Hania Kassem, MD 10/20/09 Hepatorenal Syndrome 
Aditya Mattoo, MD 10/20/09  Adult Onset Minimal Change Disease
Aditya Mattoo, MD 9/22/09 Alport Syndrome 
David Shure, MD 9/15/09 Renal Cell Carcinoma and VHL Disease
Trina Banerjee, MD 9/14/09  Acid/Base: Salicylate Toxicity 
Saleem Bharmal, MD 7/28/09 Hepatitis C Induced Mixed Cryoglobulinemia 
David Shure, MD 7/14/09 Scleroderma and the Kidney