Nephrology Grand Rounds 2012-2013




Irfana Soomro, MD  6/18/13  Membranous Nephropathy 
Hasan Fattah, MD  6/11/13  Hepatorenal Syndrome 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD   5/21/13  Acid-Base 
Irfana Soomro, MD   5/14/13  Light Chain Deposition Disease 
Hasan Fattah, MD  4/30/13  PTKI and GN 
Lama Nazzal, MD  4/23/13  The Gut and CKD 
Irfana Soomro, MD   4/16/13  Hypomagnesemia 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD   3/26/13  Amyloidosis 
Hasan Fattah, MD  3/19/13  APOL1 and Transplant 
Irfana Soomro, MD   3/5/13  Acid-Base 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD   2/26/13  PPT
Lama Nazzal, MD  2/12/13  Calcium Oxalate Stones 
Hasan Fattah, MD  2/19/13  MPGN and Hepatitis C 
Hasan Fattah, MD  1/31/13  FSGS Recurrence After Transplant 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD    1/24/13  Polycystic Kidney Disease 
Irfana Soomro, MD   12/20/12  Renal Artery Stenosis 
Hasan Fattah, MD  12/17/12  Rhabdomyolysis 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD    12/13/12  IgA Nephropathy 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD  10/23/12  Multiple Myeloma 
Irfana Soomro, MD   10/9/12  IgA Nephropathy 
Irfana Soomro, MD   9/11/12  Steroid-dependent Minimal Change Disease 
Hasan Fattah, MD  9/4/12  Post-hypercapnic Metabolic Alkalosis 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD 8/28/12 ANCA
Sonika Puri, MD  8/21/12 HIV and Renal Transplantation 
Lama Nazzal, MD 7/31/12  Calcium Oxalate Stones 
Nicola Sumorok, MD  7/17/12  Hyperphosphatemia in the Absence of CKD