Nephrology Grand Rounds 2013-2014




Hasan Fattah, MD  1/21/14  Secondary Amyloidosis 
Arye Kremer, MD  9/24/13  Resistant Hypertension 
Irfana Soomro, MD   9/17/13  Research on PKD 
Arye Kremer, MD 8/27/13  Lithium Toxicity 
Hasan Fattah, MD  8/6/13  Thiazide and Kidney Stones 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD   7/30/13  Altered Metabolism in PKD and Cancer 
Hasan Fattah, MD  7/23/13  HIV and Kidney Disease 
Irfana Soomro, MD  7/16/13  ADPKD 
Vasishta Tatapudi, MD   7/9/13  Aldosteronism