Current Investigations

Respiratory Physiology
An active research program in ventilatory control, respiratory failure, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and polysomnography studies.

Clinical investigations of techniques used to enhance the host response, gene expression during infection, site-specific immune response, co-infection with HIV, and more.

Lung Cancer
Basic science research and clinical studies are conducted on lung cancer, adenoviral gene therapy, helical CT scanning, fluorescence bronchoscopy, and more.

Epidemiologic studies include the investigation of particulate-matter pollution and asthma, gene transcription, and more.

Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease
Study of asbestos-exposed workers, tracking the respiratory health of persons working at and living near the World Trade Center disaster site, various studies using trangenic mice, and more. The health effects of particulate matter exposure on FDNY rescue workers from exposure at the site of the WTC destruction.

Critical Care
Translational research involving costimulatory molecules and their role in the innate immune response in sepsis.

Critical Care & Resuscitation Research Program
Breakthrough discoveries improving resuscitation care and exploring what happens to the human mind during and after cardiac arrest.