Resident Life at NYU

Dear Future and Prospective Residents,

Welcome to #NYUOBGYN! We are an eclectic group of residents who love providing care to our diverse mix of patients, whether it is at Bellevue, Brooklyn or Tisch Hospital.  We also love to have fun at work – which you can confirm by our instagram hashtag – but we also work really hard to provide evidence-based and quality care to all patients regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay.

Our residents are drawn to #NYUOBGYN for many reasons, but two are common for most of us:  our diverse patient population and the other people in this residency!

We love our patients and strive to provide the highest level of care.  Our program is unique because we work in very different types of hospital settings, working directly with leaders in all OBGYN specialties.  At NYU Tisch, we are part of providing the latest evidence-based care at a growing tertiary care academic medical center.   Next door at our city hospital, Bellevue, we treat very sick patients from all over the world as their primary provider with referrals from all NYC HHC hospitals.  As residents providing the first-line care, we get the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the care: from initial diagnosis of pregnancy to following up their abnormal pap smears over the next four years. Now, taking the ferry, we have the opportunity to see a wide host of bread and butter OBGYN at NYU Brooklyn, filling any clinical gaps in our knowledge.

 At #NYUOBGYN, we are family.  We work hard for our patients, but also value resident wellness.   We support each other, always lend a helping hand and enjoy hanging out outside of work.  You can always find someone willing to join you for happy hour!

Residency is hard no matter where you are, but the patients and our co-workers make it an amazing journey at #NYUOBGYN.

Ashley and Jac, Admin Chiefs