PhD Degree in Ergonomics and Biomechanics - Degree Requirement

There are three requirements to completing a PhD degree:

  • Completion of 72 credits composed by: 32 ERBI core course credits, Principles of toxicology (4 credits), Environmental health (4 credits), epidemiology or statistics (8 credits); Independent study credits and; Doctoral research credits (12 credits)
  • Each doctoral candidate must successfully pass comprehensive examinations
  • Each doctoral candidate must successfully complete and defend a proposal and thesis

During the course of study, doctoral students may have the opportunity to participate in laboratory and applied research work. These projects may include the utilization of advanced instrumentation in the laboratories, clinical research through the OIOC clinic, epidemiological work, biomechanical modeling, and/or high-technology evaluation procedures. Individual guidance in the specialized area of interest is made available to every student.

For more information contact:

Ali Sheikhzadeh, PhD: 212-652-1934