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Diversity & Inclusion Professional Development for Diversity

Professional Development for Diversity

The Office of Diversity Affairs provides professional development opportunities to help underrepresented students, faculty, and house staff advance their opportunities in medicine.

Intersections Dialogue Series

The Intersections Dialogue Series explores the intersections of identities within medicine and healthcare. The series provides an opportunity for community discourse and reflection on biological, social, and cultural categories—including class, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, and others—and their impact on and within medicine.

We offer these dialogues throughout the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the Intersections Dialogue Series has been paused. We will resume at a later date.

Faculty Leadership Development Program

Our Faculty Leadership Development Program (FLDP) provides support, mentorship, and professional development to junior faculty at NYU Langone. The advancement and support of junior faculty is a core component of NYU Langone’s strategy to diversify and retain our faculty.

House Staff Professional Development Program

Our House Staff Professional Development Program (HPDP) provides support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to residents and fellows at NYU Langone. Much like the Faculty Leadership Development Program for junior faculty, the HPDP provides a formal opportunity for mentorship as house staff advance along their path in academic medicine.