Director: Andrea Troxel, ScD

General Information

Biostatistics is a scientific discipline that focuses on study design and collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to improve human health. The Division of Biostatistics is the academic home of faculty who contribute to scientific advances that benefit human health through innovation in methodology, theory, and application of biostatistical methods across the entire spectrum of biomedical research.


We offer PhD training in Biostatistics through our Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Biostatistics courses for second year medical school students, and teaching of fellows and junior faculty in the Clinical and Translational Science Institute-sponsored Clinical Research Training Course. Special lectures and workshops can also be arranged on request by departments at NYU School of Medicine.

Statistical Research

Faculty members in the Division of Biostatistics are actively engaged in research. The areas of research include: Survival Analysis; Clinical Trials; Methods for the Analysis of Screening and Diagnostic Tests; Misclassification; Methods for the Analysis of Observational Data; Statistical Methods in Epidemiology; Statistical Genomics; Statistical Genetics; Likelihood and Information Theory; Mixture Models; Order Statistics and Spacings; Resampling Techniques; High-dimensional Data Analysis; Algorithms for missing data analysis; Cluster Analysis; Statistical Methods for Analysis of Large Datasets in genomics and molecular biology; DNA microarrays; Flow Cytometry.

Collaborative Research

Members of the Biostatistics Division collaborate with researchers in a wide variety of areas throughout the NYUSoM. In addition to specific grant funded collaborations, resources for statistical collaboration and consultation are available through several NIH funded resources and through resources supported by several departments in the SoM. The members of the Biostatistics Division have played integral roles in cancer research at NYU through the Perlmutter Cancer Center Biostatistics Shared Resource, in environmental health research through the NIEHS Center Environmental Health Statistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core, and in clinical and translational research through NYU CTSI Study Design, Biostatistics and Clinical Research Ethics Core. Through these Core groups, collaboration is provided to basic science, clinical, cancer epidemiology, prevention and translational research programs, and to the core research services.

For Perlmutter Cancer Center members, the division members provide statistical expertise in research study design, conduct, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results for laboratory studies, clinical trials, and observational studies. The resources of the Biostatistics Shared Resource are available to members and include collaboration in the development of new research initiatives for grant funding, collaboration in funded peer-reviewed cancer research projects, and short-term collaborations in research projects. Shared resource members participate in the development of all NYU initiated clinical protocols and review all clinical protocols prior to submission to the Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee.

For NIEHS Center members, consultation and collaboration is provided for study design, conduct, analysis of reporting through the Environmental Health Statistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core that integrates fully statistics and bioinformatics resources in CHIBI available to Center members.

Members of the Departments of Otolaryngology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, and the Division of Cardiology have access to dedicated members of the Division for statistical consultation and collaboration supported by departmental funds.

Statistical consultation research and collaboration opportunities are available to CTSI investigators in all stages of the clinical research process for approved protocols via the NYU-HHC Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Study Design, Biostatistics, and Clinical Research Ethics Program.


The Division of Biostatistics provides statistical consulting to members of the Medical School community. For more information, please visit our Biostatistics Consulting Center web page.

Visitor Information

The Division is located at 650 First Avenue (between 37th and 38th streets), fifth floor.

For all inquiries, please contact:
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