Radiology Research

NYU's Florian Knoll, PhD (left) with Thomas Koesters, PhD, currently with Siemens Healthineers (center) and Georg Schramm, PhD, of KU Leuven.

The Department of Radiology operates a cutting edge research division, comprising the Center for Biomedical Imaging and the Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research (CAI2R). Radiology research personnel includes more than 100 scientists, technologists, and administrators who work closely with practicing clinical faculty.

What We Do

We invent and build biomedical imaging technologies to address pressing clinical problems. Our research focuses on improving medical practice through advancement of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography combined with magnetic resonance (PET-MR), and computed tomography (CT).

We develop methods and tools that increase quality of imaging, deliver new or better information to clinicians, enable earlier diagnosis, and guide treatment. We also improve existing imaging technologies by increasing their speed, safety, and comfort.

Our Values

We rapidly prototype and evaluate imaging hardware, build software packages, and engineer new image acquisition and reconstruction tools. In addition, we conduct preclinical and clinical studies to determine which research and development directions have the greatest potential to fulfill unmet needs in the clinic.
Our research division brings together basic scientists, engineers, clinical radiologists, physicians, computer scientists, and medical imaging industry partners. We also work with colleagues at academic, medical, and industry research institutions across the U.S. and the globe.
Thanks to close collaboration with practicing clinicians and with manufacturers of imaging platforms, we bring our best advances to clinical practice at NYU Langone and to healthcare institutions—and patients—throughout the world.